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“Thank you for introducing me to WRLife. Finally an insurance that accepts to cover me, despite being 79 years”

Jean-Jacques P.

“Thank you for your help with my hospitalization. Perfect support. I would like to thank you again”

Peter S.

“Being 83 years I wasn’t able to renew the contrat with my last insurance, luckily I found an insurrance accepting me despite my age “

David B.

“Now my 4th year with WR Life, always responsive and professional. We discussed the best option possible for my budget. 2 years ago I had an accident and had to have an MRI scan and other tests. Everything was paid for the same day meaning one less worry. Thank you WR Life”

Michel A.

“Great, I’ve never been reimbursed so fast by an insurer, thank you again”

Louis H.

“I am at home following surgery. I want to take a moment to thank you all for the great health insurance delivery. I have written to all the expats in my company and urged them to call you. Best wishes.”

Kevin R.

“So far, great service. My covid certificate was provided very quickly helping me to get back into Thailand. I recently had to make a claim due to a car accident. No deposit or payment needed; everything was taken care of. Thank you”

Colin P.

“Amazing service – I needed an Insurance certificate on a short notice. Not only could the company process the insurance in a much faster time than the other companies I contacted but my contact understood my needs, was responsive and helpful. Thank you. ”

Philippe M.

“My family has been using WR Life for 6 years, we’ve had several claims, never had any issue.”

Kevin D.

“A very reasonable price for a quality service. Thanks a lot “

Kris W.

“Had the best experience with this company and would not hesitate to recommend them. Competitive prices and amazing customer service. Great work ! ”

Catherine A.

“Having had appendicitis, I had to visit the hospital at 2am, everything was taken care of and I did not have to make any payment advance or deposit. Thank you for your responsiveness.”

Thibault C.

“As an expat, it gives me peace of mind knowing I have a solid policy at a reasonable price. It was also a relief to know that my health insurance policy meets the requirement of Covid-19 insurance for returning to Thailand.”

Tony S.

“I had a great experience, applied even though being out of Thailand. The team was very responsive and I was able to get all the documents needed to come back in the country. Amazing service!”

Roger T.

“I have been with WRLife for 2 years and have not had any price increase, unlike my previous insurer”

Karina V.

“I’ve had a policy with WR Life for years since moving to Thailand and am happy with them. When I have questions about coverage, the questions are answered within the day. My insurance rate has not increased for years as I’ve never had any claims, really a plus for a healthy person.”

Claude C.

“Really happy with the refund processing speed, was refunded in just 2 days”

Scott D.

“Affordable health insurance with good rate of coverage compared to many others. Always helpfull and answer to your request quickly. After 3 years I have had no claim and haven’t had any increase on my contract.”

Stephane L.

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